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Don’t Forget Me

100 Miles an hour down a dead end road
I can smell the apple blossoms, I know I’m coming home
See what’s changed in the time I’ve been gone
Feel of the summer breeze, It’s here I belong

The streets and houses still look the same
Every brick on the fire station, dreaming of better days
For all my running, this still feels like home
From the look on all the faces, I’ve stayed away too long

But I had to go out and make my name
I had to leave this behind and find my way
Who knows where I’d be right now if I stayed

It’s so sweet to be home
Too damn long I’ve been gone
Don’t forget me, Don’t forget me

Well I guess it’s time
For one more Goodbye
Don’t let me stay away too long

I can’t say what kind of man I’ve become
All the things I’ve seen, and the things I’ve done
But I know it’s good to be home
I hope this time you can keep me long